into the underworld/ps/pps

And this is why, in this version, Eurydice does not adopt a kind of stoic indifference, giving in to her fate, going into the Underworld willingly.  She has to go.  She knows she has to go, but she's not going in with a brave face, she is going down crying and wailing and angry and biting her lips until they bleed and tearing at the branches all along the way.  Because she understands that this part of the story won't get told, it doesn't get seen, and it won't be repeated.  And she also understands that her being taken is the action, the thing that happens, the thing, the inevitable thing that has to happen, and the rest is up to her, and she decides that she will do it honestly.  In protest, and without obeying any decorum, because obeying decorum won't do anything for her, and it will break her spirit, and she has that still, she always has that, and in fact, that is all she does have for sure.  And her spirit says, "No, not this."


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