into the underworld/ps

it's about learning how to see, and it's about how you live like that, impossibly, the impossible thing you have to live with after losing someone.  we want to know how to do this because even though it's like finding someone (it happens all the time), and it happens to all of us, we don't really talk about it, and we're all kind of wondering if this is how it's supposed to go, if we're doing it right, and we want to hear how other people are doing it.

a note: we might wonder why, why, why, half immortals or whole goddesses etc etc don't see these things ahead of time?? i mean, how the fuck, how does he let her go and not know something is coming, and how does she go and not get any kind of spidey sense that she's gonna step on a snake and die, i mean come on....
if gods dont see death coming then it's not just us.
it happens to us but it doesn't just happen to us.
it's what happens in the natural world all the time.
things are falling forward and that's what happens.
however.  there is a 6th sense we all get, when we're about to jump into a river (a new love) or jump out of a river (a love that's not so new any more), a sense of impending impendingness, like we're supposed to pay attention, because we're about to do something stupid, like step on a snake.
and maybe that's true.
that these inklings and intuitions are available for little things, a breakup, but refer to bigger things, getting dead...
and that the bigger things, there's no warning, they just come, when we are in harmony, they come without warning.  like tragedy is inevitable.  and unavoidable.  and this suffering before you, it's not your fault.  these crying faces before you, not your fault, your own crying face, it's not your fault you are crying, welcome to the river of the world...x


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