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Everybody (and by everybody I don’t mean everybody I think I mean one person, and I mean you, in particular, because I dreamed about you last night and it surprised me to see you there like that - I can’t talk about it, ok I’ll tell you - you were sitting on my lap, that’s all, it was very innocent, you were sitting next to me and it made sense that I should put my arm around you but I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, but then you moved and turned toward me and set yourself down on my lap facing me, and that’s never happened before, it was exciting, and as I talked I wished I had some gum because I just had an espresso, and when I was talking you were tracing my lips with your fingers and all I could think was, “women are so mysterious who knows what they want,” and I woke up before we kissed, and I can’t even say who you are, because we might meet again and that would be awkward!), everybody - let’s go to the beach and make out by the waterside an…

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text from Archeology of the Frivolous (Marta, TX, December 2017)