the bar of death/moor

LILY (in mourning cloak, a moment of weight): Now that the dead are interred into the ground, and now that the bodies are starting to decay, and now that the weight of the memory is heavy on the living, and the dirt is heavy and cold on the dead, now that we are mortal, now that we are heavy with the guilt of having survived, now that we know this is more fragile than we were lead to believe, now that we know that the line between us is so very thin but absolute, now that we are one day older than we were yesterday, now that we are bridges, our faces are bridges between the last generation and the next, our bodies are carriages between one place and another, our eyes are bridges between yesterday and tomorrow, now that we are not yet old, but absolutely older, now that we miss you, now that we love you, now that the lovers yesterday are coming back, now that tomorrow's lovers are already leaving their shoes at the foot of our bed, now that we are more tired than we could have imagined, now that our eyes twitch even though we know you won't come back, now that our hands shake even though we know we won't be touching your body tonight, now that we are falling in love with being alive in these frail mortal bodies, now that we are stronger than we ever guessed, now that we know we are broken and will never be whole and don't want to be whole, now that we are haunted by the ghosts of the years' dead and the year is far from over, now that we are walking thin lines, now that we are in the traffic, the sounds of the traffic come from us, the lines between lanes are crossed by us, now that we are the things that make the rude noises of this world and make it impossible to sleep through the night, now that we are the night, now that we are the lines between night and morning, now that the lines between the night and the morning are written on our stomachs by tomorrow's lovers, now that we are already just a memory, now that we are living inside a memory that we can't get our heads around, now that our hearts are drowning in the memory from which we don't wake up, now that we know we are sleeping, we are sleeping and we are night and we are memory and we are ghosts and we are falling in love with living in these bodies now we are falling in love with bodies now the weight of bodies on the earth are falling in love with us now we are closing the gates on the winter now we are the gates between the winter and the spring.  


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