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It's not a story about missing the one who got away.
But living in the story, knowing that the one right here is the one that will go away.
Like you're on tv.
This is like being on tv.
Where you know you're in a scene about the one who got away, but there's nothing you can do to change it, because it's already on tv, and everyone knows the story, and is watching it, and because they're watching it, it has to go in the way they know it will go.

Orpheus and Eurydice are wed, and happy for a short time.
She is bitten by a viper and dies.
Orpheus petitions to the gods to go to the Underworld and bring her back.
They grant his wish, and he vows to bring back Demeter's daughter.
In the Underworld, he finds her, and she follows him, but he is not to look back.
But he looks back.
She says, "Farewell."
And that's the last thing he hears of her ever again (except for after he gets torn limb from limb and body scattered; but until then).
And he writes all the songs about lost love.

Falling in love is a spell.
Dying is a spell.
Entering the Underworld is a spell.
Following and being followed by a lover you can't look in the eyes, is a spell.

(Drawn in a notebook, with images and scenes):
This is like being on tv.
Everything happens on tv first.
Or at the same time that you live it, it's already happened, and it's already happening on tv.
There are two people who are falling in love.
It doesn't matter if they're perfect for each other or not.
Because when they fall in love, they'll be the characters in the story that needs to be told.
They fall in love and they are in the meadow because that's what happens always.

i: Have you ever lost somebody?
u: Hasn't everyone?

i: Have you ever lost somebody?
u: No.  I never lose anybody.  Sometimes I send them away, but I never lose them.  I never get attached like that.

i: Have you ever lost somebody?
u: How did you know?
i: It's just a guess.
u: Did you hear anything?
i: What do you mean?  About you?
u: Yes.
i: I haven't heard anything about you.  Why would I hear anything about you?
u: Because people talk about me all the time.  I'm the one that lost somebody very, very important.
i: You're the one?
u: Yes.
i: I'm pretty sure you're not the only one.
u: If I told you my story, you'd know that I was the real one, the one who lost everything.

i: Have you ever lost somebody?
u: I have, but I lose somebodies all the time.  That's kind of how it works.
i: How what works?
u: Love.  That's how love works.  You meet somebody, and you jump into the river.  You don't even think.  You shouldn't think.  You just jump into the river and that's how it goes.
i: Then what happens?
u: Then what?  You know what.  You know what happens.  Everyone knows what happens.
i: Tell me.
u: I don't have to tell you, that's what porn is for.
i: Oh, I see. That's what happens.
u: Exactly.  And when you're lucky, it happens for a long time.  Or sometimes it only happens once or twice.  But it doesn't matter, it always stops eventually.
i: I see.
u: It always stops, and then you are on the banks of the river, and you're dry, and you get so very sad and lonely, and then it happens again, and you jump in again.
i: And you don't think about it?
u: What's there to think about?
i: Aren't you afraid you'll get hurt?
u: I'm always afraid I'll get hurt.  But there's nothing to fear, because I know that I'll always get hurt, and I also know that it will always happen again.

i: When you lost them, did it hurt?
u: It really didn't.  Not at first.  But a month later it started to hurt.
i: And when did it stop hurting?
i: It never stops hurting.

i: Have you always been like that?  Not attached to anyone or anything?
u: Not always, I suppose.
i: When you hear about people losing people, does it ever make you sad?
u: I'm sorry for them, because they're missing out.
i: Missing out on what?
u: On seeing the world as a pet, a pet that does tricks.
i: Are these tricks just for you?
u: I like to think so.

i: So you miss her.
u: Always, I always miss her.
i: Do you think she misses you?
u: I hope so, but I don't know for sure, and it probably doesn't matter.
i: Why not?
u: Because it wouldn't change anything.
i: She's not coming back.
u: I know for sure she's not coming back.
i: How do you know for sure?
u: Because she died.

i: Are you sure it'll always happen again?
u: I'm sure.
i: What if you get old?
u: That doesn't matter.  Old people fall in love all the time.  Don't you see movies?
i: I haven't seen a lot of movies, not about that, not about old people falling in love.  But then again, this isn't Europe.  Or Latin America.  Here, everyone who falls in love is around 30.
u: Around 30?  What about Romeo and Juliet?
i: No one really believes in that anymore.
u: Then they're missing out.  People fall in love all the time, and it doesn't matter if you're very young or very old, it still happens.
i: But what if you're really old and things don't work any more?
u: Then we'll just find other things to do together.  There's a lot to do in this world, there's never any chance of running out of things to do.

When Orpheus met Eurydice, he knew that he would lose Eurydice, but he met her anyway, and fell in love with her anyway, and that's why their first kiss was the first sad song he ever wrote.

And the first time they made love, it was in the meadow, because it's always in the meadow, and the grass that they used for a pillow was the same grass that would one day cover her grave, and that's the second sad song he wrote.

Eurydice was not stupid.  She knew full well that when she was born, she was born for the grave.

Eurydice also wrote songs, she keeps them in a notebook, and she writes the story of their love as it unfolds, and she writes it simply, because she knows how it will end, and she knows that she'll have nothing left but the notebook, and the nuances can't be in the words, because she'll want to remember it differently every time she reads it, so all of the flourishes are in the drawings in the margins.  Everything that's important to her takes place in the margins, in a secret code that only she knows how to read.

This symbol is for a kiss: *
And this symbol is for sex: %
And this symbol is for the rhythms of her heartbeat: +o+o+o+o


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