days of a new spell for an old ceremony/6-7

only i'm not undecided. so there.  
there is a market in berlin where they sell military objects from the last world war.  there you can find charming things, like old medals, metal letters, goggles from russian pilots, and impossibly curved swords.  every object is too heavy to carry in your luggage, so it all has to stay on the ground there, where all those things happened.
there's a market in chiapas where little girls in blue blouses will sell you all of the best fruit in the world, and everything is very cheap, but when you leave, mexico will forever own a part of your heart.
there's one in yucatan, in merida, in a warehouse that goes on for city blocks, and by the time you get lost, you realize that you are home.  there are hot chickens and hot fish and hot spices and hot ingredients to enchant your lover, and if you stay there for too long, you never really leave, you'll dream about it when the nights are too hot and wet to sleep deeply, and everything comes back to you.
every market brings the promise that everything you lost will come back to you, and the promise is never empty, it's always flowing until you are overflowed and start to get a sense of where you are in the world, every history connects to yours in those places, and everyone you meet is another aspect of yourself.  you are the poor, you are the healer, you are the magician, you are the butcher and the warrior, you are the one who concocts the recipes that will feed your family later on that night, and you are the one who fell in love under the weight of your own spell.
on day six i had a thought, and on day seven i had a letter, and i don't know what happened on day 8, because it hasn't happened yet, and it might be more than i can tell, or it might just be something secret. something that will grow into something my mouth can give back to the world after this rain, after this moon, after this lovely rain and this lovely moon and these dreams about the sea.


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