days of a new spell for an old ceremony/5

so this should not be at all at all about how it all falls, how the world, this should not be all about how the world falls on me...but there's this...on day 5, 5 is important, on day 5, that strange little bump in my forehead, that's been there for months, it unlocked and opened up a sliver, i had a sliver in my head, i don't know how you get a sliver in your head (i mean my head, you, i can guess how it would happen to you), and so even though this was a day of listening to brilliant students talk until i felt like i was reading them like in a reading and felt exhausted, enough to get all sweaty and weak and wondering if i was going to pass out, after doing some new little workout thing that makes it impossible for me to move my butt (which is negligible, sure, but involved in almost everything i do when i am moving, and i move a lot it turns out), after walking around with a red mark on my head all day and feeling like a cab driver that had been rolled and run over, this was most charming, most charming indeed, i will leave this day charmed, let me just say, i am certainly charmed, this is nothing new, of course, except somehow i think it is, and the details of course we can discuss the details in the morning perhaps, we can discuss these details in the morning on some other day...there's that...there's always that...thank you grey day, i am feverish and bleeding and this was all just exactly right...xo


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