days of a new spell for an old ceremony/4

and this, day 4, day 3 already present and accounted for, this is 4, day 4, and not even done yet this 4, is not done, the 4 is never done, so keep your eyes peeled, things are not what they seem, & there are people around that want something from you, and ohhhhh it's not always what you want them to want (it's never what you want them to want, because desire would fold up into a ball of dust and break apart in a million pieces the next time a strong wind came through), and it's day 4 still and everything is empty and it's good it's empty there is this empty field and that's all there is, except.  there are always exceptions.  there is an exception.  and it always hits me sideways when i'm looking forward or backward, i get hit sideways, it hits me sideways, this is a stunning place to be, hit sideways, i don't know where i'm supposed to be looking after i get hit, i just fall down, i just fall down, i just fall, that's what happens on day 4, i fall.  


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