this is not a new post

and not urgent at all, listen, this next thing...oh i have no idea why i have to tell you these things and tell you right now...
the ocean, the sea, el mar (and her brother lamar), and all that those 7 sea things out there yes those...project new project based on my love is the sea, a fictitious project that happened once (note to self, do i even have the script for this any more, and if i do, can i please remind myself what the hell it was about? i think i liked it very much but it reminds me of the national, it is sweet and sad but it all kind of sounds like everything else)...ok so we'll find that...based on that then, only so i remember it, a new version that has nothing to do with the original and entirely recycled but not in the least at the same time...cuz i don't want to get over you, oh this is a love song about the sea...and suddenly there is nothing more to say until we get to part two.

part ii
that came up too quickly, that part.  reverse the route of che, or trace it exactly, and begin at the tip of the continent and work my way up, performing performance with nothing but a motorcycle.  and a projector.  and 35,000 dollars.  it will be just like a revolution in the beginning, except there will be more money, better transportation, and a lot less love, because although che was great he was also too co-dependent, and in the end, that's why he became insane and started walking by people just so they would shake and pee in their boots...
part ii is the real artificial meat in this, where we plan the's not a tour of latin america, but a long line of flight that investigates something about love and longing, something about missing the sea, and something about how we might or might not know how to talk to each other any more.

part iii is too late but it's already time for it but i am not there i'm gone.


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