this is more important than forgetting to expect the things i thought i was waiting to expect.
the table below is from wikipedia, of course, where the Greeks always posted thoughtful blogs about their favorite goddesses.  i would never stoop to it.  there are too many wolves at the door, too many howls against the moon getting small again.  that's the last chance we ever had to make a wish, and it will never come around again until the next one, and then there won't be any chances after that until the next one.  the howling makes me nervous, but if i tell you here that i can hear it, maybe just maybe you will stop? or maybe just maybe it's me.  there's nothing more nervous than casting a spell that you just know is going to work.  watch for signs of light outside your window, we're woken up, it's not a dream, and it's not just the wind and the rain this time.
idea for this next work, making connections between these and the local versions in the far we can syncretize:
calliope-olokun (our story is an epic story, only she knows all of the details)
clio-yewa (history as story of humans, she holds all the bodies and knows all the stories on the body)
erato-oshun (easy match)
euterpe-oya (knows the songs of the dead because she hears them as they enter the cemetery)
melpomene-obba (no one knows tragedy better, longing for an impossible lover is the greatest tragedy)
polyhymnia-yemaya (songs of the tongues of the living on the water of the world)
terpischore-yemu (the first dance, the one that started it all)
thalia-nana buruku (comedy is born of tragedy; yemu gave birth to them all but she nurtured them all)
urania-ochanla (marked and marking the sky)

the heart of this is to start something larger than before, something deeper than before, more baffling and lyrical and even accessible than before...putting identity at the mercy of these muses for 9 months, spending one month on each to make a short film/performance...some will have more media than others, some will be bare of any media at all, some will be a new song or series of songs, and some will have to be invented as we go along.  i think i need to ask a lot of people to help on this one, it's going to be a long work...

and at the end of this day, my heart still goes out to the ones who have to suffer pains that they did not expect, hoping that the time spent on their particular roads will give them endurance and inspiration to keep going, because something good is coming of all of this, tonight i am sure, because it happened to me that way.

Emblems of the Muses

Muse Domain Emblem
Calliope Epic poetry Writing tablet
Clio History Scrolls
Erato Love poetry Cithara (an ancient Greek musical instrument in the lyre family)
Euterpe Song and Elegiac poetry Aulos (an ancient Greek musical instrument like a flute)
Melpomene Tragedy Tragic mask
Polyhymnia Hymns Veil
Terpsichore Dance Lyre
Thalia Comedy Comic mask
Urania Astronomy Globe and compass  


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