hybrid installation rhizomatic performance work

this is the seminal work, this is the ovarian work, this is the work that crosses all the borders and barriers, this is the only thing worth seeing at the end of the 20th century, and it is already too late.  because the 20th century ended a few years ago or more, and we're still doing the same things.  no one will know this is a repetition, without a revision, this is hiphop from the days before garage band, and it sounds much worse than we think it does.

begin with a white room, a latin man is sitting on a white chair, with a white piece of cloth over his head.  a caucasarian man is standing behind him, pouring three different colors of syrup over the same head, lime, vanilla, and cherry.  in a bold move that represents the evils of the northamerican empire, the lime is replaced with blueberry, and history is erased and eaten, like a cloth on the head (note to self: do not eat heads).

next section: oh my god this gets just so much worse and there is much more blood now than in the first part, because ohoho, the past is prologue...he is lying face down on the floor, on a pile of various chicken organs.  there is a lot of visceral response expected from the part of the audience, and some disturbingly unexpected colors from the organs mixing, only no one can see it because he is lying on it and so the performance fails. 



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