end of play7 (10)

Scene: Wherein the DOG takes over the most important and pivotal role and everything is revealed to be exactly what it is supposed to be, suddenly.

(By now we all know that he's just talking to the dog, because everything that was once on the surface is now moved deep under the ground, silent, and growing in that way that almost looks like it's going away entirely, because it is so quiet in the desert on nights like these.)

DOG: This is good, very good, I think we've made very good progress, and now I can reveal myself to you as your one true love.
(DOG is revealed as his one true love, so beautiful and strong, but HE doesn't notice.)

HE: That's fine, because it's been such a long twilight, and this twilight isn't doing much to turn over into night finally, but is just staggering around my head, I am living in a twilight staggering around my head.

DOG: That's wonderful, now look at me, now kiss me.

HE: Maybe we just stay awake for too long, that happens every now and then, and we think we're grown up, except we're in another extended adolescence.  Like when I am convinced that I'm accepting everything as it is, only it turns out that I'm really just not participating, and not even telling myself exactly what I really want, and it's nothing like this, because that would mean I have to do things very differently.

DOG: Yes, do things differently, look at me, love me, now we can be together.

HE: I hear you, dog, except I think I haven't told you what it is to live inside a man's body and love a woman in a woman's body, utterly.

DOG: I think we already get that.

HE: You don't know what it is to ride 500 pounds of metal across the desert for 500 miles without stopping, because all you can see is her body on the road in front of you, and you move in time and space on your way to that, even though you know it will kill you before it heals you, and you go anyway.

DOG: You would need to stop for gas.

HE: Oh, you stop, you do, you stop and the sweat is another body on your body, living on the oil on your skin.

DOG: You should just exfoliate and get over it.

HE: Not when you're a man in a man's body you don't.  You become your layers of sweat and grease and you build up your identity with the fluids that come from the inside of your body and the residue of the road.

DOG: Oh, just tell me what you're looking for, and I'll be that.  It's not that hard.

HE: You don't know the songs that wake me up in the morning.

DOG: Wait.  They don't love you like I love you.

HE: I think I might be just a little crazy.  But it's hard to tell, because everyone around me is broken, so I haven't had a good measure to rely on. 

DOG: Maybe you need to surround yourself with people who know what they're doing, and know what they want, and you'll pick up something from them, and then you'll understand why I love you so much.

HE: I don't think it would help, because no one knows me like I do.

DOG: Oh, I do.

HE: Oh, this might be getting weird.

DOG: Oh, you might like it.

HE: Oh, I am positive that I will not.

DOG: You've never seen me dance.

HE: Maybe I need to leave all the ones who are giving me advice behind, and take my coats of selves to a place where they can get clean, and the place where I get clean will be the place where I come to, and find out that what I'm looking for is also looking for me, and that might be the place where all the lost things come back to me.

DOG: I don't think you're right in the head.

HE: I am willing to take that chance, because honestly, I just got bored and there wasn't enough to go on, and the messages written on the walls in the corners of the city were only lovely until they started to look like notes passed in class, and class was already over, and the girl in 4th hour will always tell me the things I want to hear, because she's just bored and wishing she had something else to think about, but maybe she just needs to get through 4th hour and I just need to be walking in my highly charged boots that have nothing to do with anyone but me.  Like the last note would be somewhere between I will always love you, and I think you lost me there, and in the next version, someone will have to leave their husband and wife and dog in order to find me, but I'm not so easy to find, not after this, I think I need to be hidden, but not like you hide when you are waiting to be found, hidden like you hide because the things under the ground are telling you about your real place, and you come back different, and no one recognizes you, except for the ones who have been under the earth, and you recognize each other only because you have the look in your eye that tells that you were willing to give it all away, and you have scars to prove it, and everything has proof, because when I asked for proof, no one stood and no one showed me their scars, and that was the night that I decided to leave here forever, and that night looked just like this one.

(And he's leaving as he says this and the dog is dancing as he says this, and it's a beautiful dance, but not the most beautiful dance ever, but just enough to close a moment, just enough to leave it like that for awhile, because the ocean is loud, even from here, and there are things that happen next when class is over, and there are no more safe places to go, but under.)


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