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(Now ORPHEUS opens a lemonade stand and is charging nothing but it'll cost you your heart but hearts are cheap is what he is thinking. He is talking to his BRO.)
BRO: A lemonade stand is a tricky venture how will you suss it out. 
ORPHEUS: Wow, bra, ever since you went to England your speech is so sophisticated. 
BRO: They don't call it England over there they call it United EnKland. 
ORPHEUS: Oh wow that's cool. 
BRO: Yah. 
ORPHEUS: I don't think that's true but it's cool. 
(A beat. The kind of comfortable silence that happens between friends who are not all that smart, it's familiar and easy and dim.)
BRO: Why lemonade, Orpheus. 
ORPHEUS: Because did you hear that album. 
BRO: No but I watched the video until I got to the Pippilotti Rist part. 
ORPHEUS: Yeah that was cool. 
BRO: But derivative. 
ORPHEUS: I don't know calculus so who knows about that but I know myself when I see myself on screen, or like in songs, in whatever you would call a screen for songs. 
BRO: Oh my gosh you see yourself in the music are you going to wear a yellow dress or like what now. 
ORPHEUS: Oh I'm not her. I'm the window. I'm the hammer. I'm the glass breaking. I'm the moment of shattering. 
BRO: Oh. 
ORPHEUS: You want to buy some lemonade. 
BRO: In London we call it mad citric vitality mate.
ORPHEUS: I don't think that's true. 
BRO: I'm on a new regimen where I don't drink anything. 
BRO: You should be all like the first one is free but after that it might cost you all your strength because my heart is heavy as gold baby. 
(BRO kisses his own fingers and really looks like he thinks this might be a good song and he's wondering how people wrote things down when they think of them because this hasn't happened to him before.) 
(ORPHEUS is thinking of how he should move through the world carrying so much weight but it's really not all that much but we will keep that quiet for now.). 

(Now she's walking and she sees that place where she lost him, the x she visits now and again /not often /not seldom /often enough, and she sees pages of books he was reading when they were awake /before they fell asleep, and as she reads it is such a guilty feeling and it is warm too like her chest is being rubbed from the inside, it calms the nervous bird in her throat but it also reminds her there is a nervous bird in her throat, and she is so absorbed she doesn't see the bones /she doesn't recognize the bones, they are not his they are hers, the arms she had when she used to hold him, and even though it is cliche and she knows it she can't help it that she knows that it's not just he who is gone but this part of her is gone too.)


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