r u mad ophelia

This is March 5, 2016, 8pm.
You are invited to hear a slightly staged reading of this new work by Howl Theatre project. This is the final performance text in the Monsters of the Sea cycle. We're going to be putting this through a development process following this event, so we are requesting your delightful presence. We promise to be present to you. There might be cake, but to be sure, if you really want cake, then you should bring cake. You can also bring beverages of your choosing. You can drink during this. You can't smoke during it, though. But we have an ashtray outside and you are more than welcome. Also, there is a dog in the house. She doesn't smoke, and so far she does not drink, so please do not turn her on to liquor. The people involved have these names: Christopher Danowski, Heather Lee Harper, Jamie Haas Hendricks, Steve Wilcox, Ashley Kerin Martinez, Barry Moon, Stephen Kass, Shannon Phelps, Michael Frioli, Portia Beacham, and Boyd Branch. Oh, please note that this is a private event, and seating is extremely limited (and you might have to sit on the floor even, but there are pillows). This is super duper secret. But our love for you, that's no secret, we want to shout it from the rooftops.
Oh, you're going to need to rsvp for sure to get a space. Send a text to me, and that means you know me already and have my number, haha, I'm not going to just give it out to anybody are you mad? haha. 


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