the love bar/3

(Meanwhile.  BARNEY is on a terrible bender and is making balloon animals out of condoms, and popping them with his formidable cigar.  The space should smell of that stuff they put inside those things.  And everyone should be a little sticky.)
(TED, meanwhile, has been on a spiritual pilgrimage, and has renounced his endless hunger for money, which has made all of his love so very vapid.  He started the pilgrimage to make room for the perfect match for him, but instead has found a deep serenity within, and no longer wants to attach to anything or anyone.  He wears long robes, and is becoming very quiet.)
(MARSHALL and LILY, meanwhile.  They have recently gotten back from their extremely expensive third honeymoon, where they spent three weeks in Rio, and joined a Furry cult on the beach there.  Now they wear animal clothes and hats with very long ears, and quote Japanese pop culture when they want to express anything other than furry sexuality.  It makes everyone very uncomfortable.)
(ROBIN, meanwhile.  Politicized by the Indigenous Rights movements in her native-sic-homeland, has also thrown off her desire for money and power, and sees that her liberation is tied to her involvement in the liberation of the First Nations.)
(Also, it's happy hour, and there are two for one shots.  Go.)


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