and then i am haunted by dreams of men in suits.
men in suits at the airport, trying to push me through the security gates, because they are in more of a hurry, and they have to hurry, and there are men in suits around the airport who are wondering what i am doing there.  i'm just driving a truck into the airport zoo so i can look around while i wait to go to another country.  they're watching, and they're trying to push, but they don't do anything but make me aware of the men in suits.
and then i'm in a hospital somewhere, it's all a mistake, no one is sick, no one is injured, it's a mistake, and i try to leave but end up in a classroom, one i'm in a lot, one where there is a lecture going on about something i'm very interested in, but i'm not supposed to be there, and the man in the suit is lecturing and he is irritated with me and wants me not there.  more men in suits, they are all white men in suits trying to get me to do things.  this is why i became a punk rocker when i was young, this is why i'm all like this now.  goddam white men in suits.  


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