They told me that I could unlock your heart, and that this would be the thing that would consume me in my sleep, and that this would play out in perfect harmony with the changes in the weather.  And I just want to sit somewhere that no one can find us, and listen to you talk about the changes in the weather, because there is so much that we should talk about when it comes to the weather.  Para recuperarme entre las phrases, entre las lineas, entre las lenguas tan seperados, entre un camino y un otro, desconocido, casi desesparecido, casi aki y ahora.  Y aunque no puedo encontrarlo en la claridad del dia, en las vesperes es algo en cada direccion, buscando y buscando, yo me estoy como un perro con la nariz tan mojada, y como the teenage boy who stutters when the girl steps in too close & he starts to lose his sense of direction.  They told me that this ground would be dry, too dry to take in any new writing, that the words would not scratch the surface for long enough to make any impression, but inside my body it would be raining all the time, and everything would be written on me first, and that I would have to wait.  They told me that I would have to wait, and I didn't want to believe them, and the day I learned how to run, with that song in my head, that same song in my head, the one you gave me, that was the day I knew what they were telling me was true, and somewhere in learning how to run I learned how to wait, and how to fall in love with my own rain.  


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