there was this

this doesn't belong here, but i don't know where it goes.
this is the same space where i am, not quite belonging here, looking outside of here and looking forward and facing backward, this whole universe is set falling forward is set in motion falling forward, we always looked forward to this, and we always looked backward when we were awake enough...
but this, this here, something new.
i know in dreams, i know, i mean, i know i see you there in them, one or two at least, not many more than that, not that i remember, not that it's important, figures, they don't repeat as much as animals or places, the place, that city in between cities, you were there in that one, behind barbed wire, just your eyes, in that one.  it's too hard to describe, and doesn't belong here.
but this, this is the point, there was this, yesterday, and the day before, your name, i saw your name, written in the dust, written on the ground, on my floor, i saw your name written on my floor, that combination of sounds, the 431, on my floor, and i saw it, and it wasn't a dream, and when i saw it i just had to stop myself, but couldn't, tried to stop myself, from saying out loud, oh no, there's her name written in the dust, this has been going on for a long time, or longer than i had thought, this is going on for a long time, is what i tried not to say out loud to your name in the dust.


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