this moon

this moon again, this pull again, this is what gravity does to the living, the ones made of water, the ones who have been salted and seasoned to take on these storms, to take these storms in their mouths and turn them back on the one who sent it in the first place, you didn't make this, and you were never not this, all your life you were never not this, so one thing you can do is to take on the mantel of the one who is the center of the storm, and maybe you are also the storm itself.

but there's this, this moon again, it pulls again, this is the weight of the objects and symbols you use to speak back to the world, these symbols were drawn on you, and now you draw these symbols on the world, you're related, related to them, they speak to you because they are part of your blood, the lines on your feet are taking on the shape and textures of a blood inheritance, and this was never not you, these lines knew you were coming before you first set your feet in this world.

and there's this moon, the one that opens up to swallow you whole, to suck you into the hole of the moon, the mouth of the moon is always hungry, and you're always there, waiting to be eaten, when you think your spirits have left you, and the only thing blowing your sails open is a tail wind, the moon is always hungry, there to prove you wrong, you never were disconnected, you just got lost in the rhythm of the waves, and your veins were never sleeping, and never not moving with the wake of the moon, your first mother, and your first mother never forgets you.

until there's this, this moon, this moon comes crawling, comes crawling to you like a child, like a dog, lapping at your feet and asking your dream body why you haven't visited for awhile, and you say, mom, i never left, i've never been gone, i was just sleeping when you came calling, but i knew you were here because the sheets were still wet in the morning, wet with salt water and glowing with blue light, i never forget you, you're written in my fingernails.

and finally there's this moon, the same moon that came that time before, when everything turned different, the day before everything gets lost is always anxious, but the day after is the one that moves like the moon up and down the skin like it's your life come back to itself, getting used to the smell of your new, shiny blue skin.


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