twitch notes wolf notes any note holynote

scene one: she is lying on the bed with an apple in her mouth. wolf hides in corner (can a wolf really hide? i mean, come on, we all smell when the wolf is there).  coyote cuts open the wolf and the hood at the tongue.  hood pulls out rose petals.  wolf takes the apple from her mouth with his mouth.

scene two: hood sleeps, coyote sleeps, wolf sleeps.  coyote wakes and cuts hood at the belly.  hood wakes up in a dream, and goes to wolf, takes a bite of the apple from his mouth.

scene three: wolf ties hood to bed by hands and feet.  coyote cuts ropes, cuts hood on palms of hands and feet.  hood leaves a doll version of herself in her bed, and leaves the bed.

scene four: wolf disguises himself as the angel at the beginning of the world.  meets hood in the forest and pours petals from his mouth over her heart.  coyote cuts open heart of wolf, cuts open heart of hood.

scene five: wolf is in bed, hood enters bedroom.  hood ties wolf to the bed and coyote cuts the throat of the wolf.  wolf doesn't resist.

scene six: hood is hiding in the corner.  wolf is dying.  coyote cuts open the tongue (in the mouth) of hood, and wolf spasms and howls.

scene seven: wolf is dead.  coyote cuts loose the cow heart of the wolf and gives it to hood.  hood straps heart over her own heart.  love is forever.

(note: underlying sense in all of this is that wolf is preparing hood for a sacrifice, that she is going to be sacrificed in some very significant way, only hahaha the joke is on him).

(note: everything here sounds better in polish)...


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