and wolf notes

this is twitch, this is going to give it all away...

red riding hood and the wolf.
the performers are performing this. of course of course.
media ritual on the screen is this enactment, the representation or reflection of an enactment, lovers enacting scenes in the world, enacting from the energy of a mythic preconscious preverbal hunger that is elemental and time-out-of-joint-ness-ish (-less? sometimes -less, because that's more, or moorish).

media on the ground is the performance, the ritual, the live ritual that is the re-enactment of the elemental things, the blood and the flesh, and things that are underneath the pulse on the skin, revelation and hiding of the blood under the skin.  the skin is a fissure that occasionally gets broken, and blood is revealed.

the media on the ground interrupts her, maria, her dialogues with herselves, her real lovers are herselves, not because polyamory is ultimately onanism, but because nature is polyamorous and onanistic and monogamous and also often always involved in a very complicated relationship, like a french farce...too much in the morning on the ground interrupts her, maria, dialogue and images, the performance performers twitch in twitch gestures and the dialogue is interrupted with the wolf and the red hooded girl, live movement and action this is the place where the media originates, so that we the spectator are watching that space which says it is a representation of a real, but might not be a representation after all.

they wear: white chalk on skin.  cow heart strapped to the chest with white gauze.  cow tongue strapped around the waist like a belt with rope with ropes with hooks (??)....this then is color scheme, white and red, and some black for her hair, or his eyebrows maybe not his eyebrows.

other splashes of red.  under her tongue there are rose petals at the beginning.  it ends with her cutting open his cow heart and pulling out petals.  or beet juice.  the wolf is trying to eat the girl.  the girl is letting the wolf trap her so that she can kill him with the knife she carries.  the wolf is sacrificed so that she can become animal.  coyote is the intermediary between the realms, human becoming animal, and animal becoming sacrificed, to carry the wolf body into the forest of the dead.  happy monday, eji ogbe meji day, xs os.


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