O u have to be jokin

This moon spins faster w mercury on all sides n there's mars & Venus pushing o but I want tO play o but this is not about play...this room is filling up w the images of the loves that fill a year, and I would like to address everything at once and say,
"Yalorde, mo dupe, I complain too much n don't say this true thIng: you keeP letting me meet or arrange things so I meet interesting beautiful exceptionally sharp souls w magic hysteric contagious rhythms, n smash me if I take any advice but yrs n keep my ears peeled but not cut off so I can listen tO what the he'll u r sayin and I have EvErything I need n no requests except to begin the next year w a conversatiOn that begins under the moon but ends by the ocean this was a lovely lovely year and I did not die notE to self shed skin and love the sun


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