hair of the god "s" (3.1)

This is a durational piece with some nods to Ana Mendieta. A note about the objects: this began with a bunch of yellow hair I found on the side of the road on the way to see the Underground exhibit in Linz, where art about memory and forgetting is set in a huge series of tunnels where Hitler had planned to store Jewish art after the final solution. So the hair is a kind of metaphor for all kinds of mourning and longing. The string is red and yellow taffeta, which turns into a nice papery texture in the mouth, and makes it easy to work with. Red and yellow string have had a big metaphorical association for me that gets more traction over time; on an obvious level, they can be seen as iconic colors for the inside of the body, on other levels, I can't explain. In the final image, the hair is tied like a Kongo packet, charged with some other ingredients and prayers from my mouth and heart, to be placed as an offering later that can't be documented. So this is a piece about the documentation, more or less.


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