from xo_tic

This is Eva Hamilton from our "xo_tic" film for performance. I wrote the text and did most of the video work for this. (I'm trying to find someone else to blame for the sound on this, still looking...) It's a little hard to position this work, since most of it really depends on the live performers even though the majority of the image and words are recorded. But here, in this piece, she and I were always present in the performance, sitting on a bed behind multiple screens, controlling the media from a laptop, and talking quietly about other things. The viewer then, is watching film images which seemed like a random collection of vampyrs, mermaids, and people pretending to be in Godard movies, and also talking about the war (not pretend). The images cumulatively start to form an idea of the performers' attempts to represent themselves, and find spaces to escape the representation. So this was a piece about finding escape routes. Or other things, too. But for sure it was about us, and positively certain in a cartesian sense that this was about you, and still is, right now...


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