this is so long away

There has been no news because there is no book of longing on the table by the bed and there is not a single signal that has been crossed.

Except now, there is this. This is me when I was thinking about you (I wasn't thinking about you).
This is me between two mermaids, I have not been there for awhile, I stopped listening to the songs, because they did confuse me.

There is also this.

This is me when I decided to enter into the world of men who are giving up and going out to sea because there is only sadness on the land. I cannot tell you what we found because it is secret.

That's not true. What's true is that the mermaids know, they know us better than we know ourselves, and I could say this is a photograph of me when I was not thinking about you,
but it is better to say that it is me trying not to think about you.

Now there is also this. 

This is something I wrote about you. Before it disappears, have a look.
None of this is true, this is not about you, this is about her.

I have been away for a long time. I have had things to take care of for a long time.
This might be about you. 
It's not like I haven't not been thinking about someone.

There will be more for 2017, this has just started and look at the footprints by our doorsteps already, just look, we have been dreaming and there are footprints between the doorstep and the edge of the sea, and there are songs that have our names, you can almost hear them already.  


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