oh that

that moon, that last one, was a monster of a moon and moved things in all directions, and all those ghosts moved out of the way, just in time for me to lose my sense of smell, and i can't remember a thing, except the things i wondered about before the monster moon came in and did what she did to the cards i was holding...and i can't tell all the faces in my hands, but there are suddenly a lot more than there were just a week ago, and the most interesting ones have requests, and my nose is stuck not smelling, and my body is growing itchy from letting everything grow to protect me from the cold...it didn't work, i'm cold and cannot smell and i think that will be okay, because for all the things that moved, there's this, this one thing, this one small thing that i've been trying to ignore, just one small thing that i've been trying to ignore that's waiting for me to pay it some attention, but i think i need to smell first, and i need a shave first, and there's something, i think there's something you should probably know.


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