dog and moon

the story of the dog and the moon.  it's already a failure.  it's a failure seven times over, and seems to be worse every time, and the last time, the seventh, is the worst of all.  and it's hard to know if it was the last last time or just the next last time.  so many times.  it bears repeating.  every time is different.  every time is different.  it beats against the back of his chest, relentless as a dog.  he is the dog,  she is the dog.  there are two people in this story.  it's a failure.  it's an utter failure.  the telling is a failure, this is a failed telling.  he was the dog and she was the dog, and now they both still are, and there's the moon, and they can't reach it.  they knew that going in.  they knew that they couldn't reach the moon going into it.  they knew that much, but they acted like it was not true.  the story gets sadder.  it gets sadder even though it's nothing very different, there's nothing very different between the seventh time and the first time, but it's sadder because it keeps repeating in the same way, they keep doing the same things, and it's sad because that means they are both so very hopeful, that all they have is hope, that the moon is too far away and so all they have is hope.  and there's a sense that the hope might be enough to replace the moon but it is not.  but it means something.  because hope pulls on the heartstrings of the sea, and the sea has a special pact with the moon, and they are both very hopeful but it's still the saddest story because it repeats so much and they don't even recognize that there is a causal connection.  something moves in their repetitions.  something shifts in their back and forth.  something very far away.  something that has to do with the sea and the moon.  and something they can't do anything about, but has everything to do with everything they hope for.  and that's the story of the dog and the moon.  that's the whole story of the dog and the moon. 


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