aha ono

(Scene: It's one of those spectacularly stormy nights, dark, too, yes that, dark and stormy is exactly where this all starts.)

(Note: I don't really know where this is going.)

(He, recently back from the dead, a small and insignificant death, one that can't enter into his story as anything really important, but still, to him it moved through him like a kind of death; he, now covered in white cloth again from head to toe, is smoking insanely in the wind of the night, but inside his head it is cool.  He, a magician back from wars that no one else could recognize, is less tired than worn, but has been learning how to gather things together that will help things in darker times, and these things are made of silver and copper and shine in the dark.)

(And she, meanwhile, also back and forth in wars that only she can recognize, is not so much tired as exhausted, having been moving back and forth between the world outside her head and the world inside of it, and has been going through many things.)

(No one really knows what's going on, and it seems like secrets that make the details of their days, but they are not really secrets, only details, and not as important as this.)

(He holds an object in his hands and we can't see it.  She, in another part of the world, holds an object, and we can't see it, and it would be a good close reading to assume they have the same objects, or that they match at the very least.  He speaks to his object.)

HE: When I sleep, I want you to speak, and I want you to give me a yes or a no.

OBJECT: What is the question?

HE: I don't remember the question, it's in my heart somewhere, just read my heart and you'll know the question.

(She speaks to her object.)

SHE:  I want you to glow in the dark and tell me the story about the woman who disappears under the top sheet of the ocean.

(And just like it began the first time, this is enough to call in the mermaids and they come in singing.)

MERMAIDS:  Clock strikes upon the hour and the sun begins to fade.

(Oh, but it's so terribly tragic, so completely ridiculous, because it's obvious that they are not into the song, they haven't rehearsed, and it's embarrassing enough that they don't even try to go on, they just sit there angry and embarrassed like mermaids get.)

(Meanwhile, in another part of the world altogether, there is someone who is just like them, the he and the she, but both at once, except not really human, more like a dog or a fish or a dogfish.)

DOGFISH: You think I would be happy being whole, but it's really boring, because I cannot speak, I cannot speak at all, I am a dogfish, and this is worse than anything.

(The words are true enough, except that no one can hear because no one speaks dogfish, and so it has to go on, it simply has to keep going on.  He gathers in the gathers of his warrior clothes and gets ready for the next morning, and she gathers herself to make potions in the air with the fire in her eyes that won't make sense to anyone until she wakes up, and the wind is starting to pick up, because they hope that everything will change and the wind is about to answer.)

(End of play.)


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