match stutters

hold just for a moment this wave hold this wave hold this wave just for a moment this time this time comes marching comes pouring this time comes pouring like a wave this moment comes like a wave marching this is a wave hold this hold this back hold this back with your tongue with my tongue hold your tongue back hold it back/doghead mount on the wall watching over my shoulder watching my shoulder doghead waiting on the wall waiting to suffer another silence and another storm the ghost of a dog gathered at my feet hovering my feet like a shoulder in the world in the earth i am standing on the shoulders of ghost dogs and the ghost dogs answer/yes that's right sir you are right sir absolutely right sir that is right sir you by now are aware that these things that come biting through the ends of your fingers at night are not from outside you sir do you know sir how long a night can be sir i don't think you do sir i don't think you do you might know the taste of blood in the back of your mouth and you might remember the taste of blood in the back of the beach and you might know the magic of blood in the back of the throat but when you are following the same scent for one hundred sixty lives sir and you can still keep them separate it's then and only then that you know why there are some sounds that are startling and some that are songs and our songs sir are grieving songs sir because we have done this before sir too we have done this before and we're not done and we don't expect to be so why should you sir why should you/edge of breath puff a magnet to the phantoms on a night as cold as this one when the winter comes back to call like this one and your teeth in the back of my neck such as they are such as they are my breath is a prayer in the air like a moan painted with moisture and filled with helium like a song to the air where you might find me where you find me in the air helium rising smoke rising prayers to phantom dogs rising sunk like a thunderstone down to the end of the arrows of rain deeper into the belly of the earth this is how things grow back into the belly of the earth again this is how things grow back like an arrow through the wind into the belly of the earth past the belly out the other side to the bottom of the sea as above so below ask above sew below and make the pattern with the spiral with your hips like a spiral in the earth like a hole like a mark like a place where we can see from where we can hear from where we can trace the stories of all of these complicated births where the singers at the funeral are twisted inside out until the sounds are the same as the ones we sing on birthdays as if waking up were its own fertility rite as if coming to were a fertility rite as if the sounds of dogs running faster on the drops of rain in the wind were the endless loop of a fertility rite


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