favorite movies

this one, this dream of a movie, where all the characters are capable of chameleon-like feats, and trained in the tactics of transgression, making small revolutions in the air, hands circling around stories like rings around the moon, and no one represents a force they have not contended with personally, burned and branded by the fires of a thousand desires, and every moment another flight in another direction...a travel movie that takes place on the road, which, if it had a mouth, would start singing sweet songs in the middle of these thunderstorms...this movie, like any film, is tracking movements in time, complicated narrations intersecting with social realism and exploding into the library at the edges of revolution...this movie is a dream of a movie, beginning with a revolution, the theme songs written on the insides of the collars, too close to the heart to be heard by anyone but the spirits at the bottom of the sea...


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