evita bailaba con freud

Dream 1: I'm at an incense shop with Allen Ferguson and we are looking at cigars. He asks about a sampler kind of thing and the guy behind the counter pulls out some little boxes that look just perfect. I am looking at these, and meanwhile thinking about incense, and I turn around to see that the shelves are all moved to make room for a yoga workshop. There are all these groovy looking people on the floor. They have the incense in their laps and the instructor is teaching them about the scents as part of the workshop, so it's hard to shop. Eventually, Allen is talking to someone in a corner, and I am sitting on the floor and chatting to a young woman. She might be from eastern Europe somewhere and is very interesting, and after a few words we start to make out. A little later I am texting another woman from the yoga workshop, and trying to keep the texting from this possibly eastern European woman, who is starting to get jealous, even though (I can tell) she feels being jealous is inappropriate in most circumstances, but especially now since we're just flirting to see where it goes. The one I am texting writes that 'metaforos son mejor en espanol', and this seems very very hot to me, so I am trying to text back 'y entre cites de Borges Evita bailaba con Freud' before I wake up (on texting Freud's name, it keeps autocorrecting)

Dream 2: I have to put apples on my feet before I go out. My friend (?) says, that's why we call it "hunky dory." I say, "Haha, I'm not falling for that again," and I wake up. 


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