More light

And there is that time, that time, you are in your body but not entirely, this still hurts too much and that is still a little sore from yesterday and the eyes are still looking too closely to see how things are glowing from far away, and you are thinking no, I passed through this, this fire, I passed through it and now I have that magic amulet and I have this everything at once, all the things I ever wanted, and this thing, this heart that is magic and bursting from the chambers that is glowing from close up even and far away still even it glows even, I have this and now I can be this thing that has been waiting to be born, except.  You are not quite through the fire, and you are angry with yourself for not being through the fire, except you are forgetting that you don't make the road you just travel it, and it's not up to you when the fire is over.  And you are wrong, you are so wrong, yes, because you are angry with yourself, when all you are supposed to do is become, become this, this thing you are, this thing that is getting born in fire, that's what that time is, that's what time it is, that's the time, I'm telling you, I'm telling you, you don't tell time, time tells you, let yourself be told. 


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