You are on a plane. 
I am on a plane. 
There are many planes where we find each other. 
None of these are too far away from each other, and like those stars that were once in contact, they still influence each other. 
This is either the simplest physics or the most complex. I can't tell which is which.  
And it doesn't matter what I think about it, because thinking is not the same as knowing, and you know what I know and I know what you know. 
It is easier to be able to get away and out of your head when your head is happier.  
And Orion is rising in front of my head. 
And right above my head is a full moon, in an eclipse that we can't see here.  You might see it from where you are. 
And I can't think of anything that I'd like more than to be getting off a plane with you and a cold fall New York wind is hitting us both at the same time. 
Distance does not matter even though my skin will disagree. 
The dog ate the trash but did not eat the hammock.
That hammock where we lay under the moon and looked at where we are. 
And the night before you put my hands on your head and said you can feel the moon, it's in my head.
All of this is in our heads.
And in our hearts, even though they try not to explode from containing all of this.  
It's better to just let them spill, and let this get messy.  
It's not really that messy.
It's Daphnus and Chloe playing in the garden. 
My father would have liked that play.
He would have liked to see it, or liked to hear me tell him about it.
I would like that.
He's on another plane and it feels very far away.  
His body is here in ash, some hair, and in scientific experiments that he would like to look up on YouTube. 
And I think he misses being in his body even more than we do, which is more than I ever thought possible. 
All of this tells me, it's good to be inside your skin, loving the one you love, and that part is very short.  
Touching and being touched, inside the skin.  
It's very short. 
And even a lifetime isn't long enough.
All of this tells me, we're very lucky. 
We always talk about that. 
How lucky we are.
And knowing that is a very good place to be.
A good place to being and end a day. 
I am in love, and I miss my dad, and I miss you being here. 
And everything you say about stars, that we come from stars, is right.
We're so much more than we think we are. 
And when I touch eternity through your skin, matter starts to matter, it matters very much.
That death, this love, broke me.
And I've never been more complete.  


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