seamonsters/we're on a boat

They're on a boat.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK FAERIE: Everybody wants to be a pirate, but no one wants to go through the trouble of having to figure out how to rip people off, and just make a run for it.  The ripping people off isn't the hard part.  Everyone thinks about how that would work these days, because we're running out of things to buy things with.  The hard part is the making a run for it.  We all have too many things keeping us comfortable at home, and the idea of heading out into some kind of unknown just doesn't ever seem worth the risk.  It helps, though, just a little, when you meet someone you can project onto, and the other person is projecting onto you at the same time, and you realize that if you put these two things together, it might be enough momentum to make things really turn like something crazy and out of control, and when we first set out, because we eventually do, if we're brave, then those first moments are always filled with regret and anxiety, and so we cover it with a false sense of adventure.

HE: I fucking love being on a goddam boat, goddam.

SHE: It's the best fucking goddam boat that ever made its way into boatness.  Being out on the water, on the high sea, we're on the high fucking sea, this is where the rubber meets the road.  Literally.

HE: Not really literally, because there's no road, and no rubber.  We don't know how to steer, and even if we did, there's nothing like a road to show us where we're going.  Oh, no, I'm getting all gloomy.

(HE gets gloomy.)

SHE: There's the stars.  And the moon.

(HE's not gloomy any more.)

HE: Oh, my fucking gosh, I love the fucking moon, this is all we need, I used to dream about the moon, when I was just a little child-thing, I would dream about the moon, and I would wake up and I would think, "Goddam I love the fucking moon."

SHE: It's pretty, and we're like goddesses and gods, a little bit of both in each of us.

HE: This is awesome.

(It's too exciting to even make out, so they don't.  Except suddenly all the stars and the moon go out and it's very dark.)

HE: Wow, I didn't know that even happened.

SHE: That's alarming.

NSFWF: They unwillingly enter into that part of the night when the lights all go out.  It's something every sailor and mermaid knows, that crack in time and space when things go out.  They all need to rest.  But it's not a good time for resting, because they're on a motherfucking boat.  And this adventure just got off to a start, a really good start, except now they have absolutely no stars to guide them, and that feeling of none of this ever happening to anyone ever before sets in keenly, and so they have a long conversation about the first time they ever did everything.

SHE: My father was the clown who drove the car in the circus.  It was a very low to the ground car, and he was very tall, and his bones were always crunched in the wrong directions, and he was a very angry clown, a broken and angry clown.  He would take all kinds of pills to keep his pain bearable, and he would wash these down with a combination of mescal and absinthe.

HE: Wow, you're so exotic.  Where are you from?

SHE: It's a place so far away that no one remembers the name, because of the time difference, and the way sound travels.

HE: You remind me of the first mermaid I ever fell in love with.

SHE: How did that end?

HE: Not very well.  I could never hold her.

SHE: Because she was slippery.

HE: She was slippery.  So, so slippery.  And I was tied to the front of the boat.  When I lost her, I lost her forever.

SHE: No, not forever.

NSFWF: And it went on as you can imagine.  We have no film, and no fotos, there was no light.  And it wasn't until much later that they realized they were not who they thought they were, and that's just how love ends.

HE: I think we're in another sad story.

SHE: Oh, fuck.

(End of scene.)


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