epic love; it's about time

It's already almost always February already, and everything that's fresh about a year happens in February, or January, it better happen soon because I am running out of places to fall when I pass out from holding my breath, and I'm not allowed back into the old places.

Epic: the love of the sun for the moon and the moon for the sun.
You would think they wouldn't be so different, but they are because they never match.
He's on a 20 day cycle, and she's all 28 or 30, and it's so hard to get this in sync.
Except this time around there are solar showers and it's making everyone flare up occasionally, and the sun and the moon see the best in everyone, and they see the worst in everyone, and these might be the same exact things.
This is the epic of the sun and the moon.
Next month is reincarnated lovers, and the weight of history (should not equal karma, but hey there you go, what the hell were you thinking would happen when you decided to ride again, right after you got done with the last ride)???
Silly silly moon.
This is me.
The moon.  Tricky situations here that are confusing, and that's just goddam perfect.
This is how it starts to play at the end of January, when we should have known from the beginning:

The scene opens and she is mad mad mad.

The sun says: You're mad aren't you?

The moon doesn't talk for a very long time, for her it's an eternity, but she's so goddam old that what used to be an eternity for her is only a day and a half.

She takes a breath and says: A little mad.  You shine on everyone and everything, and I told you, I told you, I don't mind, but you woke me up, you woke me up when I was in the middle of the nicest dream, and you told me you couldn't get me out of your mind, and I avoided it and I denied it, and then and then I decided that and then  I wasn't sleeping anymore anyway, so I gave in, and when I rolled over to look at you so you could tell me why I was in your mind, and what I looked like in your mind, all you could tell me was that you were so busy with so many other things, I gave you a chance to tell me something important and all you could talk about was how your life was so hard because you have to shine on all the planet and it's so hard to keep them straight, and I'm just apparently I'm just I'm just another call for you at 3 am when you are cold, and and and I'm mad.

Sun: You're not just another call.

Moon: I know, I know.  I'm emotional.  Moony.

Sun: You're still mad?

Moon: YES.

Sun: Because I made you roll over.

Moon: Because you made me roll over.  Now it sounds petty, when you put it like that, you make me petty, and you you you are too far away to pet and how does that make me feel, huh? 

Moon chest butts Sun it's the last time this month, and this causes solar flares to fly off and make young lovers everywhere go stupid, and even old lovers go stupid, because this is the chance they had to touch and that was all they got to do.  Goddam Sun and Goddam Moon.  This is a world made for the Dwarves, and the tall people keep pretending they can see so fucking far but they are wrong wrong so very very wrong.  Fucking tall people are not so very tall.  Let the Dwarves take over, they can work with this and we have fucked it up.

It's really embarrassing for the Moon, because she has a new lip ring (it's old now but that's not that important) and feels like she has to speak for the rest of us, and she does, but oh, when she does.

She is not as old as the Sun, and smaller, but she has taken time to get to know her landscapes, and understands early on that the bottom of the ocean is larger than the universe, even when it's eating too much bacon and butter and expanding like one might imagine Norway would expand, and it's not easy to talk to her when she's like this, so it's better to just leave her alone and hope she does the same with you.  Except.  There's always so much more to this story.  The Moon is suddenly aware that this year has started with a long and cold wind on her face, and it's frozen her lips, and it's made her eyes tear in the dark of the night and the light of the day, and she's just woken up.  This is the best time to start a year.  Right now.  This very minute.  Exactly like this.  Not even thinking about the Sun, not at all.  Fuck.


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