angsty poem for sol(sssst)ace

they said i would see what i did not want to see.
and this ground starts to open.
and shadows of an old fear start to fall on the floor of a carpet covered with chalk.
and the steady patriarchal eyes that could stare down a rattlesnake start to rattle.
and the bones rattle from the nerves rattling in my limbs.
and the valley is inhabited by the living who are not sure they want to keep moving.
and those bones to protect from flying splinters are giving themselves to the light, to the air, to the open.
and these bones to shudder before turning this thing that was once still into a breath and a beat, are back from the dead.
and they said so many things.
and they left so many things out.
and they left so many things on the tip of the tongue, at the edge of the breath, the place where lovers shudder in the dark looking out at the edges of the same breath, the edges of the same world that holds its breath, and another season comes through the back door, because it's that time of the evening again,
and another season finds me somewhere in the dark, trying not to shake this tender breath awake, closing my eyes and pretending to be someone else.


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