Beginning of a manifesto of Prophecy

Invocation for a year to start, with outlines for a map to leave the shore and launch into the sea.

Theater of Longing: Done. Really, this is done. No desire to return to that sea or that shore (that's a lie). Have we mined it all to find ourselves comfortable with the one we found (the place where longing can sit on the tongue, burning words into the mouth without dissolving it?)? ???
Like grief, this longing, this one that stays, the one that lasts at the bottom of the stomach of the stomach (inux5), this is only and nothing less than the amount that we can still live with. No one of us is able to live with the same amount, and this is why we can no longer use the word we. We simply have to stopped, and this is why we no longer say "we."
But we long, oh, we still long, but not for the same things (a lie) from the same source (oh, we are so lying tonight!). Lying lied laying or well lain.

Theater of Death: Done, and not by us. (here, by us I mean we).

Theater of Death and Longing: Oh, this was good, and not done, this was sexy and spooky and reminded me of you (just like everything) ((and by you, I mean we)). Sexy & spooky enough to get all the spirits up and howling through the house, and they always told me to keep saying your name until it burned a hole through my tongue (but it never burned through, that was their joke). ((ha ha very fucking funny they are)). (((oh, this is already too personal, and i'm exposing too much, but here's a secret: I said too much to the wrong people, but I never gave them a glimpse of the best parts of you, because I buried them in the dark part of my stone heart when you showed them to me in the dark and by the end of that first night, when I was trying not to see your name on the walls in the dark I was torn in a thousand pieces in the dark, and put back together in the dark, and I will show you what they taught me in the dark when you come to see my new work in the dark, and I promise I will recognize you, because you know how I know how to recognize you in the dark))).
Death and Longing: this involves-/involved/will done has involved/lagrimas para todos involucrados-the future and the past, just enough, to lay the foundations for a theater of Divination.

Divination, nation, nation (better with the sound effects in my head, and pictures of exploding giraffes).

Theater of Divination: a place where multiple realities and levels of meaning intersect and interact so that the perceiver makes connections and recognizes patterns (and patters) ((but not like easy like, I mean, we're not going to spell it out for you, the bones don't spell words, although sometimes they whisper, "your lover is an asshole, and it's time, oh, it's time to go...")) ((that kind of thing never happened to me, though, and by that I mean we, and so, and so, this is not about you, and here, by you I mean my first real love, Kristi Cook, who left me because she did not like my Sam Cobra doll, oh, I remember, I do, I remember everything))
These patterns that the perceiver can recognize are in themselves the very act of divination, so they can see the patterns of their own desire laid before their feet, and reflect on where they are, and what they want, and what they have to do to get to where they want to be, given the circumstances (not so mutable, I mean, this isn't about creating a kind of art that tells people they can realize their dreams, because it is apparent that things are indeed even stupider than we could have imagined, and that our intelligence cannot save us, but it can make other things possible...some dreams are for the children, and some are for the ones not even born...(that is not a lie).

Death & the Unborn: (the love not yet is the one that we really miss, the love that is never born is one that never dies and that one can never be mourned...the love not yet carries its own seeds of death not yet, and if we live in the future as well as the past, we can mourn for the already even if it is not yet, but oh, "What a lover gives is better than justice." - Gandhi)--
The present, the performers or the perceivers, the land of the living-->mourning & desiring all at once, but also breathing, and investing that breath in this space, this place right here, so. So, so, so.

A cycle that begins with Prophecy. Taking the order of diloggun, and speaking as if from the mouths of the wives of Orunmila: Oshun, Yemaya, Yewa, and how their energies make them particularly adept at designing and divining futures, with promises, threats, and a deep and burning love (right through the tongue) ((I never met anyone who could do that)) (((if i did I would marry her, and by her I mean you, and by I, I mean eyes, I mean, just watch this next part)))

(not yet. not yet the next part. you will have to come back to see)

We are going to start working on a new project on January 20th, because that's enough time by now to say this new year is well under way, and so far is filled with tremendous hope and angst, and the ghosts that may come have already revealed themselves, and all the longing from the last year is dead, as dead as the dirt, where things come back to life.....o don't read too much into that, but there's so much I want to tell you, it's been too long since you were here, and suddenly, suddenly this is an art where lovers meet and say I am sorry, but they don't know what they're sorry for, because no one knew the future before it happened...)))))))))
Oh, oh, oh, but Kassandra does, and this next one is going to be about her.
You should come.
(yes, I mean like that)
((we can help))
(((and by we, I mean tongues)))


And I thank you once again.

Let's go.


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