we never sleep

Okay so that above is just me walking around with a tiny handheld, it's not steady, and not edited, but to give an idea of what it looks like here (hi Dad! hi Ma!). This is my neighborhood (for now), and some shots of the subway, and other stuff.

And this is a nightclub where it starts up at midnight and goes on until morning, and it's one of the places where they open the slot in the metal door to look at you and see if you can come in or if they should shoot you for crimes against the state (we did not get shot because one of us was the dj). Inside it was very posh, and the room was like a big long tube under a subway track, with lots of mirrors and people who looked like they knew what they were doing. One of the best conversations about the dead I've ever had in my life, I would say.

This is a blurry picture of a church. Pretty stunning to see it.

This is my friend Miranda (interesting and brilliant, feminist art, I would certainly say, manipulates photographs to re-represent, and crosses the line between art and life), doing her performance piece which is a wedding, and that's Leon Johnson who's marrying them (I like this guy, whenever we meet we talk about raising kids and history and memory and it's funny and sad and we want to cry all the time because this is Berlin, and there's memory in the water and the rain, and it's hard not to remember a little bit every day, and some days it's a lot more than others), and then there's Jen Grasso (so cool, so so cool) and the groom (French, nervous).

This is a German thing, I don't know what it's called and I'm not going to go check right now. It's a fucken thing that you put clothes into. It's great, if you're washing clothes by hand, you put them in this, and it spins them around to wring them out. It's like one of those things that stirs atoms around, only it's your clothes, and you can sit there and press the thing down to shut it. Even though your friend told you not to, because it will lock, and it's broken so it won't open again. And your friend left you alone in his apartment while he is out of the country for a few days, so it's all yours and all your fault too. So you might wonder what to do for awhile, and then realize that if you take a butter knife, you can unscrew the 4 screws on the top to pull the thing apart and fix the latch. And you might put it back together and do the same thing all over again. Maybe.

I got mad at the end of this, but the day was lovely, they're nice here, these days, they don't pass like anything else I've ever seen, they go by slow but suddenly it's over and time to go sleep and do it again, 24 hours at a time, just like anywhere else only here there are more Lebenese restaurants.


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