post post
this isn't done
there will be more, another version, something in the basement, something longer,
o i would like to post the video here, but there is this brief nudity thing and i don't want them to take this down...what can you post that wouldn't offend their nudity regulations (and what's a way to make a public statement about it?) ((because it's sort of like, it is, or sort of like, obscenity laws, it's a new kind of censorship where the nude is no longer allowed in public discourse unless it's explicitly pornographic...))
(((um, there's more to look at on that)))

ok, this is a de-briefing,
from the weekend, the first incarnation of the new piece, xo_xx,
my mentor, violeta luna, came from sf to see it, and conversations with her, and then with her and michele ceballos, and it was lovely and i do not want to forget:

this piece, intention was to make this the second, the in between between xo_tact and xo_xy, and the last would be more with vocal and sound and using sound technologies, but this one, xo_xx, this one suddenly seems suited for that...more than any other...and i want to play with it...
the idea of a male body iterating female deities played/projected by female human beings (performance artists, artists), in context of performing narcissist looking for echo
(here echo is x, is iris meXico) ((repeated)) (((three times)))
and then presenting the findings of the "research" as a visual documentation/tone poem...
and comments to:
inhabit the body while performing (used in performance, useful), and be the male body performing the not performing, performing the body in front of the screen that does not move, and is in front of a microphone, which is not used for the first 6 or 7 minutes...useful...and then only performing speech, literal performance of a speech act...female voice...and then the orishas and world of the orishas--
on that, how much context do they need?
it's a refusal of meaning or explanation, is nice, works, but this is going to be longer, and maybe maybe
perform other voices...
a persona who is an anthropologist,
describe the deities
and get the information all wrong
but obviously wrong
inside and outsider,
and also
with this
perform the body
this orisha is working on this part of the body,
the head,
the eye,
the heart,
the stomach,
the sex,
and draw signs on the body and reveal the body and draw the signs in the color
so there is action on the body and the body is speaking female voices but also drawn on and inscribed on...
and have public draw on the body,
not the usual,
the one most uncomfortable with drawing, the one i'm most uncomfortable with drawing on me...
and so on...
and more on film as script...
keep as idea that this is independent,
and continue to conceive as independent,
and continue with the poetry of the images...
and more,
i will remember more,
but such lovely and perfect collaborators, and am grateful and this is for you...


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